Standard Portable Restroom

This is your basic portable restroom and is ideal for all events and construction sites. It’s economical and easy to place in all areas.

Specifications: Height 89.25″ | Width 43″ | Depth 47″


ADA Handicap Accessible Portable Restroom

This unit is an ADA compliant accessible portable restroom and ideal for all events and construction sites. For events, be sure to check with your city to determine ADA compliant restroom quantity requirements.

Specifications: Height 90.5″ | Width 66″ | Depth 86.5″

Highrise Overview

This unit is built exclusively for the high rise construction market and offers end users and operators a unique set of features. It is sized to go where other restrooms cannot. The roof is optional.

Height 96″ | Width 48″ | Depth 48″

Standard Hand Sanitizing Station

This hand sanitizing station conveniently has two dispensers.

Height 60″ | Width 20″ | Depth 20″

Standard 2 Sided Hand Wash Sink

This hand washing sink conveniently has two sides to provide great sanitation for your event or job site.

Height 51.75″ | Width 17″ | Depth 28.95″ | Capacity 24 gallons

Waste Holding Tank

Waste holding tanks are ideal for temporary kitchen gray water, construction site office trailers. or for other bulk liquid waste storage needs. These tanks have a 250 gallon capacity.